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Ozone Brad Sanitizing Service
met and exceeded expectations

I have no qualms about writing bad reviews when one is merited but the services rendered here not only met but far exceeded my expectations. The bonus is that Bradley is so friendly and courteous. I felt that he manifest a professional and genuine interest in my health.

L.C. Melia

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No bad reviews here - Bradley Starr is amazing!

I respect the skill and dedication required to properly access and evaluate the true status of one's health. I have been looking for someone who could adequately diagnose my health condition for quite some time. My quest ended in the office of the Blood Detective.

Sincerely, Barbara Carson

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Quite impressed with
what Bradley does

I suffer from a number of ailments, some of which are acute and painful. My first visit enabled me to learn more about the whole me, what my body needs and doesn't need, how the choices I make affect my health and how to establish and maintain balance in order to stay healthy. Truly an educational experience.

Lance Angustar Jr.

More Reviews to come...

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