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We’re In the Business for YOU!

If your commercial, residential or institutional facility needs help with odor issues, we are your go-to partner.

Animal Kennels

Doggie Day Care Centers and Kennels regularly struggle with odor control. The urine and feces is prolific and the concrete floor is porous. But we have the CURE!

Auto Dealers

Auto dealers accept trade-in’s every day, and many of these vehicles come with smoke or other odors, that can seriously devalue the car. But we have the CURE!

Day Care Centers

Accidents happen, and sometimes, the clean-up can’t keep-up, and when that happens, you need an expert! We have the technology to both rid and protect!

Fitness Facilities

Physical workouts can be tough… and really sweaty… and smelly.

Attracting new members is so much easier with good cleaning hygiene and odor control.

Hotels | Motels

Partnering with OzoneBrad for your smoking room turnovers is a wise investment. We can help you please everyone with our fragrance-free removal system .

Industrial Facilities

Manufacturing often entails processes that cause odor. Think of  OzoneBrad as a consultant that can help you maintain odors without work loss.

Long-Term Care

Old age can come with some unfortunate bad habits, like accidents and incontinence – making odor control a real challenge. But we have the CURE!

Marijuana Growers

Growing cannabis has become big business. Indoor growers often struggle with keeping the natural and powerful scents under control so work can proceed. No worries.

Medical Clinics

Medical Clinics come in all styles, types and sizes. Some treatments, like dialysis, can have an odor all of its own. These need an expert…

And we have the CURE!

Office Complexes

While it may not be the exact area where people work, back stairwells and basements are known to be tough on the nose!

No worries. We have the CURE!

Public Works

Water treatment plants and transfer stations are notorious for their odors. Impure water and rotting garbage doesn’t help. But, no worries. We have the CURE!

Public Transport

Buses and trains can hold lots of people, and pick up some really rank odors. Partnering with OzoneBrad can keep those foul odors at bay.


The smell of great food can win a large following of patrons.

The smell of old or rotting food can destroy a restaurant’s reputation.

When you need us, we’re here!


Over the years, we have smelled some REALLY BAD restrooms in schools. The odors seem to come from EVERYWHERE. When that happens, contact OzoneBrad!

Sports Arenas

Sports arena locker rooms can be really rank. Sweaty practice gear, unwashed uniforms and smelly ice skates can make for a pungent smell.                                   But we have the CURE!